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Tennessee Closes Out SEC Championships


COLUMBIA, Mo. – The Tennessee track & field team collected seven top-five finishes to close out the final day of competition at the 2013 SEC Outdoor Championships in Columbia, Mo.


“We had some good things materialize,” said Tennessee Director of Track & Field/Cross Country J.J. Clark. “I know where I want to be and how we are going to get there and that’s my goal. Not to overlook the good things that happened from a good, young group.”


The Vols picked up 10 points early in the day from the pole vault. After placing fourth in the event a year ago at the SEC Outdoor Championships, Chase Brannon medaled with a third-place showing. The junior cleared 5.11m/16-feet 9.25-inches and 5.26m/17-3 with ease on his first attempts. Approaching 5.41m/17-9, Brannon missed his first two attempts before clearing it on his final attempt.


“The wind was in my face on my third attempt so I knew I couldn’t slow down at all or I wouldn’t get any penetration into the pit and wouldn’t make the bar,” Brannon said. “I just tried to run as hard as I could all the way through to the end and work on some technical cues I’ve been working on in practice. I was able to get over it on my third which I’d rather do it on my first, but to get over 17-9 is always good, on any attempt for me.”


Brannon’s third-place finish gave the UT men six points, while freshman Jake Blankenship placed fifth after clearing 5.26m/17-3, earning the Vols four more points.


Sophomore Matthew Hoty contributed two more points for the Vols with his seventh-place finish in the discus throw with a mark of 51.07m/167-6. Sophomore teammate Tavis Bailey finished 10th with his throw of 50.39m/165-4.


The men’s 4x400m relay, consisting of Terrance Livingston, Michael Williams, Antonio Carter and Jarael Nelvis, ran its fastest race of the season finishing in 3:08.20 to take seventh place, while the men’s 4x100m relay corps of Arnez Hardnick, Reginald Juin, Jamol James and Nelvis placed eighth with a time of 39.94.


On the women’s side, the sprinters paced Tennessee. Senior Kia Jackson garnered fifth-place honors and four points for the Lady Vols, finishing in 11.56 (w: +0.4) in the 100m. Freshman Felicia Brown placed fourth in the 200m with a 23.22 (w: +1.3) mark in her first SEC Outdoor Championships.


The upperclass duo of Kianna Ruff and Nijgia Snapp finished 4-5 in the 800m run, as St. Louis native Ruff ran a 2:06.08 and Snapp finished on her heels at 2:07.19.


“She’s (Kianna) always pretty tough young lady and she runs the best of her ability,” Clark said. “She gave her best for Tennessee in the 800m and the back of the 4x400m. We need that.”


In her final SEC showing, senior Bianca Blair placed seventh in the 110m hurdles at 13.95.


In the 4x100m relay, Brown, Blair, Jackson and freshman Emily Yarnell bolted to a fourth-place finish in the quartet’s fastest time of the year at 45.22.

“The improvement that I see is that we have some young kids who are committed to winning; we just have to get more,” Clark said. “There are some people that were either  banged up or didn’t do what they were supposed to do or are young and know they can compete at this level now. It’s a matter of us going back and making sure that they’re where they need to be. There were definitely some good moments, like I said. We just have to continue to move forward and that’s what I believe he is seeing in our group.”


The Lady Vols totaled 38.50 points over the weekend to take ninth place, while the Vols finished 11th in the conference with 33 tallies.


Tennessee will return to action May 23-25 when the team travels to Greensboro, N.C., for the NCAA East Preliminary.




Pole Vault: 3. Chase Brannon, 5.41m/17-9; 5. Jake Blankenship, 5.26m/17-3; nm. Tyler Porter; nm. Michael Maira

Discus: 7. Matthew Hoty, 51.07m/167-6; 10. Tavis Bailey, 50.39m/165-4

4x400 Relay: 7. Terrance Livingston / Michael Williams / Antonio Carter / Jarael Nelvis, 3:08.20

4x100 Relay: 8. Arnez Hardnick / Reginald Juin / Jamol James / Jarael Nelvis, 39.94

5000m: 18. Kyle Walter, 14:51.35; 20. Chris Bodary, 14:53.82; 24. Peter Okwera, 15:00.10; 31. Daniel Tobin, 15:16.26; 32. Stephen Derlath, 15:21.70; 35. Austin Whitelaw, 15:58.26



Shot Put: 2. Matthew Hoty, 18.87m/61-11; 5. Tavis Bailey, 18.03m/59-2

Javelin Throw: 8. Kyle Quinn, 202-11/61.85m

3000m Steeplechase: 8. Daniel Tobin, 9:17.80
Long Jump: 18. Jamol James, 6.60m (w: +2.4)/21-8
1500m Prelims: dna. Jeremy Dickie, 4:00.48/Ht. 1, 12th (21st); dna. Kyle Walter, 4:02.58/Ht. 1, 13th (23rd)

100m Prelims: dna. Jamol James, 10.38 (w: +3.6)/Ht. 2, 3rd (12th); dna. Jarael Nelvis, 10.42 (w: +3.6)/Ht. 2, 4th (18th); dna. Reginald Juin, 10.91 (w: +1.7)/Ht. 5, 7th (32nd)


800m Prelims: dna. Terrance Livingston, 1:51.93/Ht. 3, 3rd (16th); dna. Antonio Carter, 1:52.64/Ht. 2, 6th (20th); dna. Nick Kaiser, 1:53.85/Ht. 3, 6th (25th); dna. Breon Dixon, 1:54.24/Ht. 1, 8th (27th)

200m Prelims: dna. Arnez Hardnick, 21.27 (w: +1.7)/Ht. 4, 4th (14th); dna. Jarael Nelvis, 21.35 (w: +2.7)/Ht. 2, 3rd (16th); dna. Jamol James, 21.65 (w: +1.4)/Ht. 6, 4th (24th)

400m Hurdles Prelims: dna. Michael Williams, 53.96/Ht. 2, 4th (14th)


Hammer Throw: 6. Drew Thomas, 198-0/60.37m!; 14. Cameron Brown, 170-10/52.07m; 15. Deon McAdoo, 164-02/50.04m




4x100m Relay: 4. Felicia Brown / Bianca Blair / Kia Jackson / Emily Yarnell, 45.22

800m: 4. Kianna Ruff, 2:06.08; 5. Nijgia Snapp, 2:07.19

200m: 4. Felicia Brown, 23.22

100m: 5. Kia Jackson, 11.56 (w: +0.4)

Shot Put: 6. Cassie Wertman, 15.86m/52-0 1/2; 17. Aslynn Halvorson, 12.90m/42-4

100m Hurdles: 7. Bianca Blair, 13.95 (w: +0.5)

Triple Jump: 16. Allison Outerbridge, 11.81m (w: +0.8)/38-9; 19. Kasha McDougald, 11.20m (w: +2.5)/36-9

Javelin Throw: 18. Katherine Dresch, 39.32m/129-0

5000m: 26. Alexis Panisse, 17:16.33; 37. Hannah Davidson, 17:34.27

4x400m Relay: 8. Kianna Ruff / Felicia Brown / Brittany Jackson / Nijgia Snapp, 3:42.64



Discus Throw: 4. Cassie Wertman, 50.08m/164-4!, 9. Aslynn Halvorson 47.26m/155-1; 15. Katelyn Williams, 42.69m/140-0; 19. Jessie Harrison, 40.99m/134-5
Pole Vault: 5. Linda Hadfield, 3.95m/12-11 1/2; 7. Erin Champion, 3.95m/12-11 1/2
1500m Prelims: dna. Alexis Panisse, 4:27.76/Ht. 1, 4th (13th); dna. Kelsey Kane, 4:36.43/Ht. 3, 6th (21st); dna. Amirah Johnson, 4:43.17/Ht. 3, 10th (27th)

Long Jump: 13. Kasha McDougald, 5.95m (w: +2.5)/19-6 1/4; 21. Kia Jackson, 5.50m (w: +4.7)/18-0 1/2

100m Hurdles Prelims: adv. Bianca Blair, 13.43 (w: +3.2)/Ht. 2, 4th (8th); dna. Kasha McDougald, 14.24 (w: +0.5)/Ht. 1, 4th (12th) \
400m Prelims: dna. Felicia Brown, 54.23/Ht. 5, 2nd (11th)
100m Prelims: adv. Kia Jackson, 11.42 (w: +3.9)/Ht. 1,3rd (4th); dna. Emily Yarnell, 11.70 (w: +3.9)/Ht. 1, 5th (12th)
3000m Steeplechase: 13. Hannah Davidson, 11:05.47


Hammer Throw: 15. Jessie Harrison, 168-03/51.28m
800m Prelims: adv. Nijgia Snapp, 2:06.98/Ht. 2, 2nd (4th); adv. Kianna Ruff, 2:07.24/Ht. 2, 3rd (5th); dna. Brittney Jackson, 2:10.67/Ht. 3, 5th (11th); dna. Charity Honeycutt, 2:12.55/Ht. 2, 5th (16th); dna. Amirah Johnson, 2:13.06/Ht. 2, 6th (18th); dna. Ty-Vonna Johnson, 2:14.24/Ht. 3, 8th (21st); dna. Julia Petree, 2:18.64/Ht. 2, 8th (23rd)

200m Prelims: adv. Felicia Brown, 24.47 (w: +0.7)/Ht. 2, 1st (2nd); dna. Emily Yarnell, 24.47 (w: +0.7)/Ht. 2, 4th (21st)

400m Hurdles Prelims: dna. Bianca Blair, 1:01.14/Ht. 4, 2nd (14th)


! - Personal Best, !* - Tied Personal Best, a - American Record, c - Collegiate Record, adv. – Advanced, dna – Did Not Advance, dnf - Did Not Finish, dns – Did Not Start, dq - Disqualified, F - Foul, f - Facility Record, fr - Freshman Record, fr* - Tied Freshman Record, fs - False Start, mr - Meet Record, nh – No Height, nm - No Mark, sr - School Record, w – wind-aided, wr - World Record



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