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Swimming victories by a freshman and a senior highlighted Thursday’s competition at the Tennessee Invitational as the Vols finished the second day in third place at the Allan Jones Intercollegiate Aquatic Center.

Freshman Tristan Slater gave the Vols their first win of the meet in the 400-yard individual medley, recording his first race victory in his collegiate career in the process. A few races later, the Vols got a one-two in the 100 backstroke from seniors Ricky Henahan and Anders Storvik.

The 13th-ranked Vols started the day in second but fell to third with 569.5 points. With one day to go in competition, Louisville leads with 720 points and LSU has 603.

Tennessee (3-1, 2-0 SEC) had several second- and third-place finishers through the first two days of the meet, but Slater finally got a win for the Vols, winning the 400 IM in 3 minutes, 55.23 seconds. Senior Jake Epperson finished fifth in 4:00.51.

“The 400 IM was really really fun to see,” Trembley said. “Jake Epperson, who’s been struggling a little, swam very well tonight, and Tristan Slater picked up the first of the meet win for us in the and swam a very fine 400 IM. He’s worked hard and is coming along nicely.”

Henahan recorded his third victory in the 100 back, reaching the wall in an NCAA B-cut time of 47.91. Storvik was not far behind in 48.82.

Trembley expects both the 100 and 200 backstrokes to be solid events for the Vols during the championship season.

“It’s a strong event for us,” Trembley said. “We’re strong in the backstroke and that’s an event that in the conference is not as deep as it has been in some seasons, so it’s an opportunity for Tennessee.”

The Vols head back to work Friday for the final day of the annual meet. While most of the races will be business as usual, the Vols will be swimming the 1650 freestyle for the first time this season. Up to this point, the distance swimmers had only been competing in the 1000 freestyle.

“I’m looking forward to seeing our milers putting some nice numbers on the board,” Trembley said. “We do have some fine 200 backstrokes coming up. The 10-meter tower event is always exciting too.”

All four of the Vols’ divers — Ryan Helms, Jordan Mauney, Brent Sterling and Mauricio Robles — reached the evening 12-man final in the 1-meter springboard event. Mauney had just missed the finals in the 3-meter event on Wednesday.

“First of all, I was very pleased that we were able to get all four in,” Tennessee diving coach Dave Parrington said. “Jordan, he stepped up and made some corrections from yesterday and was using a bigger dive, which he missed but still was able to fight back. That was a real plus for him.”

Helms did not finish No. 1 in the competition for the first time in four meets this season, placing third with a score of 365.15. For the second night in a row, Texas A&M’s Grant Nel collected the victory. He backed up his 3-meter title on Wednesday with a leading 1-meter springboard score of 390.05.

On Friday, the Vols will compete in the platform event for the first time. The competition will be just straight final instead of preliminary rounds followed by the final.

“I think a lot of people are excited to watch Mauricio on the tower, because based on seeing his training, that’s probably his best event but it’s also his first time out there so there could be some inconsistency,” Parrington said. “He’s throwing one really big dive tomorrow, which only a handful of men in the world are doing.”

Tennessee Invitational
Thursday’s Results
Team Standings:
1. Louisville: 720
2. LSU: 603
3. Tennessee: 569.5
4. Kentucky: 349.5
5. Southern Illinois: 187

1-Meter Diving: 1. Grant Nel (Texas A&M) 390.05; 2. Greg Ferrucci (UK) 366.00; 3. Ryan Helms (UT) 365.15; 4. Hayden Jones (Texas A&M) 358.00; 5. Mauricio Robles (UT) 344.00; 6. Daniel Helm (LSU) 321.60; 7. Matthew Vieke (LSU) 309.35; 8. Kevin Leong (LSU) 301.80 .... 9. Brent Sterling (UT) 301.15; 12. Jordan Mauney (UT) 277.20.

200 Medley Relay: 1. Louisville (Andrews, Chastain, Collins, De Lucca) 1:28.04; 2. Tennessee (Henahan, Epperson, Hetland, Walsh) 1:29.56; 3. Kentucky (Walton, Russell, Gerotto, Reed) 1:29.84; 4. Tennessee (Storvik, Prono, Thulin, Johnson) 1:30.77; 5. Louisville 1:30.97 (Young, Almeida, Hoekstra, Blondell) 1:30.97; 6. Louisville (Isaacs, Haefner, Kinney, Schlytter) 1:31:30

100 Butterfly: 1. Justin Wolfe (SIU) 47.92; 2. Frank Greeff (LSU) 48.37; 3. Samuel Rairden (UT) 48.38; 4. Tim Collins (UL) 48.96; 5. Martin Jungfleisch (LSU) 49.57; 6. Aaron Young (UL) 50.05; 7. Pedro Oliveira (UL) 50.07; 8. Juan Lopez (UL) 50.24.

400 IM: 1. Tristan Slater (UT) 3:55.23; 2. Carlos Almeida (UL) 3:55.79; 3. Pedro Oliveira (UL) 3:57.85; 4. Travis Green (UK) 3:59.48; 5. Jake Epperson (UT) 4:00.51; 6. Csaba Gercsak (SIU) 4:03.60; 7. Shane Coltharp (LSU) 4:05.85; 8. Cesar Perez-Martinez (SIU) 4:05.85.

200 Freestyle: 1. Joao De Lucca (UL) 1:35.64; 2. Albert Lloyd (UL) 1:38.21; 3. Alex Burtch (UL) 1:38.76; 4. Craig Hamilton (LSU) 1:39.31; 5. Frank Greef (LSU) 1:39.66; 6. Ben Scheffer (UT) 1:39.71; 7. Dillon Love (LSU) 1:40.00; 8. Matt Parsons (SIU) 1:40.91

100 Backstroke: 1. Ricky Henahan (UT) 47.91; 2. Anders Storvik (UT) 48.82; 3. Pedro Oliveira (UL) 49.10; 4. Michael Young (LSU) 49.24; 5. Simon Diefenthal (LSU) 49.64; 6. Nick Kunkel (LSU) 49.64; 7. Aaron Young (UL) 50.82; 8. Brock Davis (LSU) 51.85.

100 Breaststroke: 1. Andrei Tuomola (LSU) 53.99; 2. Carlos Almeida (UL) 54.21; 3. Kameron Chastain (UL) 54.43; 4. Ricardo Alvarado Jimenez (LSU) 55.26; 5. Kenny Crapse (UL) 55.37; 6. Michael Haefner (UL) 55.74; 7. Roddy (LSU) 56.43; 8. Decker (LSU) 57.34.

800 Freestyle Relay: 1. Louisville (Andres, Burtch, Lloyd, De Lucca) 6:32.15; 2. Tennessee (Rairden, Scheffer, Storvik, Slater) 6:36.56; 3. LSU (Hamilton, Dasinger, Love, Greeff) 6:41.98; 4. Louisville (Hoekstra, Ogle, Almeida, Gunter) 6:45.22; 5. Kentucky (Bullock, Heidler, Kemme, Bundschuh) 6:49.77; 6. LSU (Kunkel, Davis, Jungfleisch, Coltharp) 6:51.28; 7. Tennessee (Kleinbeck, Jones, Petersen, Wallin) 6:54.21; 8. Louisville (Edelen, Coleman, Linton, Wilmoth) 7:01.52.



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