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Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley (opening statement): “Give Arkansas a lot of credit. They put it to us. Not much you can say after a game like that. Very disappointing in how it ended, but we missed a lot of opportunities. There were a ton of missed tackles in space, on the punt return we had about five guys right there and we’ve got to finish him off. And then we had some fourth-and-twos. You’ve got to make a play. We don’t make a play, throw an interception right before the half, and that hurt. When you miss those kinds of opportunities against a team like this, you’re going to pay, and that’s what happened.”

Tennessee Head Coach Derek Dooley (on whether the game caught him by surprise): “No, because these guys are good. That’s what they do, and they’ve been doing it with a lot of teams.”


Tennessee Defensive Lineman Maurice Couch (on the game): “We had a lot of mistakes that they capitalized on. We had a lot of missed tackles, and they put up their points on our mistakes.”

Tennessee Offensive Lineman Ja’Wuan James (on the interception before the half): “We wanted some points right there, but you can’t really put it all on (the quarterback). If we would have done a better job on a run play before and executed that, we probably could have had some more yards.”



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