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LSU Plods Past Towson, 38-22


Opening Statement...
"First, you have to give credit to the Towson Tigers. I told our team that they were a good football team. I insisted that we prepare well. We did. I thought our practice week was good. We didn't play like that though. We didn't give them the credit that they deserved. I thought that their (running) back was a big strong powerful back. I thought their quarterback was a talented guy and could move his feet. Frankly, they did what they should have done defensively. Give them some credit. I thought that they played well.

"I thought that we played down to our opponent.  I thought that if we don't turn the ball over or throw the ball on the ground and we protect our quarterback that this thing looks like it is supposed to be. It is uncharacteristic at the end of the game that a defense like ours would be driven on. I must not have prepared them well. I can tell you that we are looking forward to turning our attentions to Florida. I can tell you that it was a somber locker room. I just want to tell you something, our football program is based on the need for victory on the backend of every week. Certainly what we achieved today might have well been the key piece. To say that we made improvement, I can't say that. It was the same style of football that we played last week. With that being said, I think that we are a good football team and there are things that we need to get accomplished this week. Our team will come to work with much more focus on Monday."

On ball security...
"I can tell you that it is the first that I put on the practice schedule. I know that our guys work it. I can promise you that it is something that has not escaped us in any way."

On fixing the mistakes...
"There are some things that we are going to do differently that will help us that way. Am I alarmed? Yes, absolutely. I think it is time that we recognize that we cannot go on the path that we are on. It is not productive, and it is not the football we are used to. I can't tell you the last time that we put the ball on the ground five times in a game. I've been around here eight years. There is not one. We're going to tighten it up comfortably. It is not the first time that they have heard it. I think we will play better."

On Zach Mettenberger's play...
"To be honest with you, if something bad happened, he came out and did something good. If you are looking for a resilient characteristic in your quarterback, you saw that. A (running) back made a mistake in the protection; he gets hammered and comes off the field. He comes back out and makes a play. He falls down, makes a mistake, and comes back and makes a play. He needs to continue to make the right plays."



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