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LSU Women's Basketball News Conference Quotes



Opening Statement…
“We are glad to be here and able to practice today and prepare for another round of games. We are going against a very good team in Penn State. They are another team that is guard oriented. San Diego State did a great of testing us in our defensive scheme and I know that Penn State will be doing the same. I feel very confident in this team getting out the jitters from being off for two (weeks) and being ready to come out and compete tomorrow night.”
On coaching against Penn State head coach Coquese Washington…
“I do not recall how many times we played each other but I am sure that we went at each other pretty tough. The thing I will say about Coquese (Washington) is that I have had an opportunity to know her more on the professional level then I did as a student-athlete. Coming from a program like Tennessee you play against some of the best competition in the country. It is like our generations coming into play as far as coaches. It is exciting to go against people that you have played against. I have had that experience in the SEC, having played against Amanda Butler and Pokey Chatman when she was around, players that you respect. You can see the evolution of the game changing a little bit.”
On past NCAA tournament losses…
“The thing we talk about is what you can control right now. We don’t put a lot of emphasis on the past. Even during the regular season when we lose a game we move on and when we win a game we move on. The one thing that we talked about is its one game at a time. Coach (Pat) Summitt really is the master at that. Having been exposed to her philosophy during postseason you do have to take that mentality. You cannot jump ahead one possession, you can’t jump ahead one opponent and you can’t look further then the play in front of you. That is how the mentality has been set here all season. They have carried it on. I didn’t think about this being their last home game here at the PMAC for those seniors. That is how focused we have been in this tournament on taking it one game at a time and not looking at it that way.”
On controlling the tempo of the game…
“Pace is going to be controlled through our board play. Penn State does a great job of running the basketball with their guards. We are going to have to be aware of where they are at all times. We did a much better job of taking care of the basketball which didn’t lead to too many turnovers in our game last night. I do see transition defense being key for us. If you control to boards you control the tempo of the game. We have to make sure that offensively we are making those easy baskets so we can set our defense. I thought last night we had to work more in our transition defense than we did in our half court setting. We want to control the tempo throughout defense and our board play.”
On defending Maggie Lucas…
“We are going to have to defend by committee. We are going to throw different looks at her and different size players at her. She is one of those guards that is very explosive with or without the basketball. Her ability to score and get herself in scoring position is going to be key. We are going to mix it up defensively on our scheme. You can’t just shut down a player like her with just one defender. You have to make sure you are doing different things to make it difficult for her to receive the basketball. Another thing is making sure we make her work on the other end of the floor. That is a key for us as well, making sure offensively we are just as much of a threat on that end of the floor as we can be and imposing our defensive will.
On playing at home…
“Our fan base has grown from last year. For the regular season we were third in the SEC for fans. This is a great atmosphere and there were a lot of people who came out the other night to support us and to watch the game before ours. We are going to challenge our fans to come out. I know it’s a late tip off at 8:40 p.m. but we would like to have a lot of our fans out here supporting and seeing these seniors, it will be their last home game. We need to get our student body out here as well. Having the opportunity to play at home, obviously we are rested and we didn’t have to travel. The players still have to go to class. It’s great to keep them in their rythem where they don’t feel like they have to be spread all over the place and traveling. We are taking advantage of the fact we didn’t have to travel.”
On slowing down Penn State…
“We want to dictate our tempo and just keeping them in the 50s or 60s if we can. They are a high scoring team. They have a lot of guards that who love to score the basketball. I think that is going to be very important in tomorrow’s game is us dictating the tempo on how we want to play.”
On preparing for Penn State…
“We are going to have a game plan and they are going to come out ready to play. Their players are going to play well. It all comes down to who is the toughest team, who wins the board play, who has the hustle plays and things like that down the stretch. Whatever game plan is made by either team, I think that the toughness and bringing the effort and intensity will determine the game.”
On her place in  LSU history…
“It is always an honor to be mentioned with a player like Sylvia (Fowles) or the greats that have come through LSU. They can never be replaced. They set tremendous milestones here. Just to be mentioned with them is an honor to me. They were always someone I looked up to when I came here. They were the reason why I came to LSU, just to continue their legacy. They are great people. It is an honor not just for me but my teammates and everyone that has helped me achieved everything I have here at LSU from the previous coaching staff to Coach Caldwell and her staff and all my teammates who have been there with me through ups and downs. It is an all-around blessing. It is an honor not just for me but for everyone.”
On playing the last home game…
“I just approach it as another game and try not to think about it being our last game. In the back of my mind I just think that on our home court is a special place to be. We are LSU. We bleed purple and gold and we will be back.”
On playing after a concussion…
“That is something I tested after practice. I don’t want to change my game just because of a hit I had previously. I felt that if I’m going to play timid I might as well not be out there. The game is a physical game and that is a part of it. I just have to be ready to take those hits and bumps. I don’t want to sell my teammates or myself short. I will continue to play aggressive.”
On trying to make it to the Sweet 16…
“We are just taking it game by game. We are not really concentrating on getting to the Sweet 16 or the Elite Eight. We are just playing our game and doing what we have to do for the moment. Of course we know in the past we have not been able to get past this little dead patch right here. Hopefully we come out tomorrow ready to compete.”
On Penn State Head Coach Coquese Washington.
“I have watched a couple of Penn State games. Just seeing her (Coach Washington) interact with her players I can tell that she is very respected. They listen to her and admire her just as much as we do with our coach.”



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