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LSU Opens With 37-27 Win Over TCU

An Interview With COACH LES MILES


COACH MILES: Well, I certainly enjoyed the victory. Felt like the TCU team played
extremely well. I can see why some picked them to win their conference. I think they'll have a very good year.  I think it was a sloppy opener at times for us. Things that we could do to improve certainly have made a very, very significant difference in this game.  But all in all, when you open on the road, very quality opponent. You put 448 yards on them. You make the mistakes you make, get the opportunity to correct those mistakes, and keep on.
So I felt like Cam Cameron started his debut at LSU and did a very, very strong job. A couple of balls dropped that we would have liked to have back, certainly a fumble here or there, and a more distinctive attack in the crown, but we were much better in offense.
 And that defense gave up 259 yards, and we led in time of possession and snaps. So again, sloppy but an opportunity to correct.  And 1-0, it's nice to start the season that
 Q. Could you talk about the offensive line, the job it did tonight and what that allowed
Mettenberger to do. He was pretty upright for most of this evening. 


 COACH MILES: Yeah, I liked our offensive line. They're getting better. I think they
protected extremely well. I felt like the backs did the same. Receivers ran routes. That's what it's supposed to look like. Have a tall quarterback standing back there hitting his targets.

Q. When you brought Cam Cameron in, was tonight what you envisioned Zach to look
like under him?

COACH MILES: Yes, that's exactly right. I think that Zach will have nights like that pretty
routinely from this point forward.

Q. You mentioned you were strong offensively, but inconsistent in the red zone, especially early. Could you talk about that and what you have to do to improve?

COACH MILES: They did everything they could. They changed up. They had a really nice game plan against us. They made some significant changes in their front and the way they played it. And, again, I commend Gary Patterson for that. But we have to be better there. We have to be able to run the football when we get down in there where we're in
striking distance, at times.

Q. For Terrence Magee, somebody who's waited patiently for his time to shine, just how big was he tonight for your team and moving forward this season?

COACH MILES: Terrence Magee is a talented guy. Those people inside this program
root for Terrence Magee because he's just a great kid and works hard and has talent and ability. And given the opportunity, he'll make that kind of contribution throughout the year.



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