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Wildcats 47, Kent State 14

Team Quotes


#2, Alvin “Bud” Dupree, LB

On how the defense played today …
“I think we got better from last week. Even thought the competition level was down, we still did things that
could help us improve us in the long run.”

On what specifically he thinks he has made improvements on …
“Effort and assignments. Last week no one was lining up in the right position. This week, we made sure
everybody was in on the gameplan and to make sure everyone was in the right position to make good

On what helped this weeks performance …
“Concentration at practice and during the game. Starting at the first day of practice of the week, getting
prepared for the team we played, everybody come out focused and gave 100 percent.”

On the run defense improving from last weekend …
“I think we did better than last week, but we still have a lot to prove. We are just going to work hard next
week and just get better.”

#4, Raymond Sanders III, TB

On limiting turnovers…
“That definitely was the emphasis. We felt like it hurt us last week. We left points on the field with those
turnovers, so we wanted to make sure we held onto the ball, got the ball back to the ref. When we do
that, we feel like we can get the ball in the end zone.”

On responding after the Louisville loss …
“We didn’t want to dwell on it. We didn’t want Louisville to beat us twice, so we just came out of practice
and (keeping the ball high) was stressed a lot.”

On the veterans’ performance …
“We put in the work. A lot of guys put in the extra work this offseason. Those young guys are still talented
and we feel like they can get the job done. We feel like they can help us keep improving.”

#27, Aaron Boyd, WR

On seeing himself coming into this season catching 11 passes…
“It’s a dream come true, really. I’m really grateful for this opportunity that I’ve gotten. I just really hope to
keep on making the best out of it.”

On his touchdown …
“It felt good. We knew the play would be there, you know. We practice it all week during practice. We
executed the game plan.”

On if his touchdown was a big confidence boost…

“It’s always a big confidence boost, knowing that you can come out on the field and do something for
your team, help your team and hopefully have a good week of practice next week. We’ll keep it going and
help get us going against Western (Kentucky).”

# 11, Maxwell Smith, QB

On the offense running the ball and Raymond Sanders…
“I told him he was going to do it. I was like ‘take it to the house,’ and he did. That was pretty cool, I guess.
I predicted that one. I was glad we were able to run the ball like that tonight. We started off a little bit
shaky and after that we were good.”

On scoring 47 points …
“I told the guys lets get 50. I texted them let’s get 50. I thought we went out and got pretty close. I felt like
we did a pretty good job.”

On Aaron Boyd …
“I knew Aaron (Boyd) could do it. He may not be the fastest, but he’s a good route runner and he’s got
good hands. So, I kept going to him. I knew we had a small secondary so I just kind of threw it up but he
came down with it.”

#1, Martavius Neloms, CB

On the biggest improvement …
“Communication. We were communicating and once we get lined up I feel like we play our best ball.”

On forcing a fumble…
“It was kind of unexpected, actually. The receiver kind of just ran past me. I was expecting to get blocked,
but I was able to make a play on him.”

On the team and win as a whole …
“It was good for confidence. It was our first home game so you want to win the opener and defend your
home. But, it was good for our confidence. We want to enjoy this win tonight, go out tomorrow and watch
film, and get ready for next week.”



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