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Kentucky 34, Samford 3

Team Notes


#16, La’Rod King, WR

On his emotions for Senior Day…
“I was ready to cry, but I have to hold that back. I can’t show that out, not in public at least. Really, it’s
just your last game at Commonwealth Stadium. The fans are great, great memories, bad memories, fun
memories, all of the above. I’m just happy I had the opportunity to come here and play and really enjoy
myself. It’s an experience I’ll never forget. I’m thankful for it.”

On Coach Joker Phillips …
“It’s been a blessing for him to come to his hometown, his home school. Granted, he’s been through the
most with injuries, freshman having to step up and play, battling personal issues because, of course, he’s
human just like everybody else, he has emotions just like we do. He stuck through. He’s a strong guy and
an awesome person and I respect him to the highest. I wish everybody did.”

On coaches and staff…
“It’s like the first year that the whole team is a complete team. Everybody cares for one another, from
players to managers, to trainers to coaches. Its been great and the coaches actually care. They want us
to succeed in life past football. They know that football will end one day so they try to set you up for the
future because after this reality smacks you real tough. It’s the real world with jobs and interviews and
stuff like that. They’ve done a really good job at preparing us for stuff like that.”

#13, Jalen Whitlow, QB

On playing Tennessee…
“We come back in focused tomorrow, everything’s about Tennessee. Get another win on them, just come
in, get focused, and have a good week of practice and we’ll be ready.”

On the game plan …
“I think the touchdown to Gene (McCaskill), it just happened like that. It was just in the game, you run
the perfect game through the perfect coverage. I just got him the ball and did my job but tonight was
dedicated to the seniors. If that was the game plan in the coach’s mind, then I guess that’s how it should
be. If I were the coach, I would do it too. I would try and get my seniors the ball and dedicate the game to

On how he’s progressing…
“Pretty good, just keep learning, keep progressing. Next year, I’ll have to learn another playbook but just
have to focus on this right now.”

#40, Avery Williamson, LB

On getting the win…
“It felt great, it felt great. It’s been a while since Kent State so it’s a great feeling.”

On the chance of beating Tennessee two years in a row…

“It would be great because no class has done it, no team has done it two years in a row so us coming out
and doing that and getting a win against Tennessee in their house, that would be huge and that would
send these seniors out with something great to remember and also Coach Phillips would have something
great to remember.”

#67, Larry Warford , RG

On his last game in Commonwealth …
“I really don’t want to think about it. I keep feeling like I have another game, but I don’t. It’s sad, I love this
place, I love Lexington, I love UK, I love our fans, I love this team and it’s really sad for me”

On carrying Joker Phillips off the field …
“We were going to force him on our shoulders, that’s what he means to us, he is so important in our
hearts, he loves this program so much and he breathes it. He’s a champion.”

On winning on Senior Day …
“It feels great, its been such a long time and I cant say how much I appreciate these young guys coming
to practice and having good practices, and being willing to go out, and it showed up in the game and it
means everything to us right now.”

#96, Collins Ukwu, DE

On how it felt to win on Senior Day …
“It felt great, it’s what you want to see. He (Coach Phillips) was the one who brought me here, and it’s just
a good feeling.”

On winning one last time in Commonwealth Stadium …
“Its great, we were just all having fun and it’s just something we were wanting to happen and it did, and
were just happy to get this win and hopefully get another next week.”

On Joker’s demeanor in the lockeroom…
“He wasn’t really emotional, like I said he is a very strong man, and he was just telling us to learn from
the mistakes.”

#69, Matt Smith, C

On Jokers emotions for the team …
“He’s always shown emotion, the entire season and he just wanted so much for us to win and it
happened tonight, and how the locker room was tonight compared to other games (was great). He was
just happy for us, that’s the kind of coach you want.”

On Raymond Sanders’ performance …
“Our running backs did a great job of hitting the holes we were trying to open for them and reading things,
cutting back when they needed to. A lot of that was on them and they had some guys that were reaching
out to arm tackle them.”

On Darrian Miller getting a rush attempt and Larry Warford playing fullback …
“I’m trying to get something figured out, where I snap it to him and he puts it on the ground and puts it
through my legs or something, its tough for a center, were trying to figure something out with coach this



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