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Jack Crowe Press Conference Quotes - The Kentucky Game

Quotes from the Jacksonville State news conference 


Opening Comments Recapping Austin Peay:
“We feel very good about winning a road football game.  I thought we did some things that we had not done all year.  I thought defensively, we acted like we were there to make plays and not as uncomfortable with assignments and played with some anticipation-which meant the scouting report and game plan came together.  We made a lot of plays on defense and scored four times on defense, three counted.  I think we got to play and see more players in the game.  I thought we played the run first and reacted to the pass and put pressure on the quarterback.  We did not have any sacks, but a lot of hurries, which was responsible for the interceptions.  We forced six turnovers, which is a really good thing to see because it has been a point of emphasis for us.   We had a good perimeter day and I think Washaun (Ealey) was effective running at the edges.  Coty (Blanchard) ran the football team and is getting better each time and I don't think he had one of his better games last week and I know he is going to improve on it.”

“Offensively, we are becoming the football team that we want to be around his skill set and his ability.  We are 4-0 in the league and where we want to be and to have a chance to come back home after this week and play the final four games to determine who is going to wear a ring on their finger.  This next game we are about to play really does not have anything to do with what the season's goal is, but it is a serious game for us.”

On Kentucky:
“These games have become a measuring stick for us to some degree.  We measure ourselves by these, what I call - playing up games.  We have gained a lot of pride in the last couple of years from playing these games.  This one however is considerably different because if there ever was a sneak up factor – it isn't there anymore.  We are playing a football team in Kentucky that is coming off an open date and they will certainly bring everything they got.  We haven't played with the efficiency required to manage a game in this environment and of this caliber.  I think we are improving to a point where this game could be highly competitive till the very end – with an opportunity to win.  We will go to the game to win the game and that is the only way we know how to do it and the only way we've gotten better at playing these games.”

“We have a handful of players that are just as good or better than they have at their positions.  We have some guys that will be over-matched.  The guys that can make plays, have to make plays.  I think we will see a Kentucky team that is extremely determined and focused and we have to match that determination and focus.  I am very impressed with the quarterback and I think he is a playmaker.  The have two All-SEC offensive linemen and two players on defense that are All-American players.  This is a week for us to stay focused on our business and not get caught up in any storyline that distracts us from what the issue is – line up snap the ball and execute.  It is important to get off to a good start against these caliber teams and be ready to play when we get there.”

Monte Lewis – Sr. DE
On Playing against Kentucky:
“I feel as though there are some guys in our conference that is just as good as the players they have.  I go out each and every week preparing the same way.  I try to get after them, no matter if they are in the FCS or the FBS.”

On having confidence going into the UK game after beating Ole Miss last season:
“It was a big confidence boost, just knowing that we can compete with those guys.  We have the mindset to go in and win. We will have no doubt that we can compete with these guys because we have done it before.”

On playing against an FBS program and in the larger venues:
“My first game was against Georgia Tech and coach told me to be ready.  I had a few butterflies, but once I got in a rhythm, it wasn't anything I had not seen.  The speed of the game is a lot faster and that was an adjustment I had to make.  I just knew that I had to make plays and be a playmaker.”

Brooks Robinson – Jr. DB
On Playing against Kentucky:
“We prepare for everyone the same way, so there isn't much difference.  They are in the SEC, but we have done it before.  We stuck with Florida State and last year at Ole Miss. It was a confidence booster last year, but we are going out to prepare just as hard as we would for anyone else.”

Coty Blanchard – So. QB
On Preparing for Kentucky:
“We had a long bus ride back Saturday night and we got some time off Sunday, but we are ready to start preparing for Kentucky.”

On playing against an FBS program and in the larger venues:
“It is definitely an eye opener.  I know the first time I went in, everything was happening so fast.  I did not know what it would be like going into the Ole Miss game.  It's really just another game and everything is the same.  It is a bigger crowd and we are treating this like any other game.”



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