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Commodores pull away from UMass, 24-7

postgame quotes


Head Coach James Franklin

"Prettiest win I've seen because we got the W. That's all that matters. We got a chance to learn some things with a win and that was kind of what our focus was. If we can get as many ugly wins as we possibly can get as people describe them, I describe that as a pretty win. We find a way to get it done. We got some adjustments that we have to make. We'll get back on the plane, we'll watch the tape and watch the film. I talked to (QB) Austyn Carta-Samuels about the third quarter and I said, `you know what, you probably wish you played a little bit better in that game but you grinded through it and you found a way to be successful.' That's the most important thing and we'll go from there."

On Penalties:
"I think if you're five or less in a game, you're in pretty good shape but I agree that the penalty early on in the game. We had the interception on offense and then we get an interception on defense but we lined up in the neutral zone, which took it away. So I think overall, we've been pretty disciplined, one of the more disciplined teams in the country when it comes to penalties but we got to be smart. The ones that we had came at tough times."


QB Austyn Carta-Samuels

"It's tough. We had some p standard as well, we're being extremely nitpicky of everything that goes on in the game. I'm very happy. We won. We did a good job, especially in the second half. We're going to build on that going into UAB and get ready for the rest olays that just didn't go as we had planned and hoped for. But obviously, I'm sick of being overly critical after a win. You know, we won. And I'm excited for all 100 teammates and our coaches. Winning is the most important thing and we take that into next week with some momentum as opposed to nitpicking everything that we do. I want to be happy about this right now."

On WR Jonathan Krause' play today:
"Jonathan works hard and that's a great thing when somebody who works as hard as he does and we can reward him for that. The offensive line takes care of me and so I was able to put the ball next to him and give him an opportunity to catch it. It's just awesome for all 10 of us to be part of rewarding a guy who comes here and punches the clock and does it the right way. He works hard."

"I think something that we need to emphasize as a team and that we are going to talk about a lot is not dwelling on mistakes. It could have been prettier than 10-7 (at the half) but as the same time, we responded in the second half, came back and scored 14 points and got out of here with a 17-point victory and that's what important. I feel like because there is so much expectation now on our team and we hold ourselves to a highf the season."


RB Jerron Seymour

On sharing the carries with Wesley Tate:
"Me and Tate knew that coming in that we would be getting carries and we just wanted to get the running game established. That was mainly our focus coming in. The game plan was to get the running game going between him and me and I think we were pretty successful today. The offensive line played their tails off today so we were able to get that"

On diving catch out of bounds play on third down leading to 1 yard run:
"I'm a pretty good athlete growing up and I was just able to showcase. Austyn gave me a chance. He believed in me. He threw the ball and gave me an opportunity to make a play on it. He threw the ball in the perfect spot and the defender couldn't make a play on it and I was just able to reach my arms out on it. I use every inch of the 5'6" I could to catch the ball and drag my feet in bound so I just made a play on the ball.

On mood after today's win:
"In the second half we showed that if we all play together as one we will be unstoppable. Nobody can stop us. And if we can just put that together for four quarters, we will be very successful and that second half just proved it. We just have to build on that second half to the next game going forward.



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